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Get into our rooms to discover the comfort and the marvelous view that you can enjoy from each of our windows.

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Virtual Hotel Tour

Using our virtual tour you can get into the hotel and enjoy all our spaces, the wide rooms, the panoramic terrace facing the Cinqueterre and the comfortable hall and reception.

Trails Cinqueterre

Walking Paths

From our hotel you can take the main paths of the Cinqueterre National Park.

Shot Trail Cinqueterre

Cinqueterre Trail

Fly over Cinqueterre to discover the wonderful panoramas which have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Welcome to Luna di Marzo

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In the very heart of the Cinque Terre

Luna di Marzo Hotel is located in Volastra in a panoramic position overlooking the sea in the very heart of the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. With its ten rooms, our hotel is surrounded by terraced rows of grapevines and olive trees. It offers to the lucky guests a true foreshortening on the panoramas of the Cinque Terre.


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"...qui l’uomo in più di mille anni ha “modificato” l’ambiente naturale sezionando gli scoscesi pendii delle colline per ricavarne strisce di terra coltivabili, i cosidetti ciàn, sorrette da circa settemila chilometri di muretti a secco..."